Creative expertise for WEB and PRINT

It’s a fact, the evolution of social-media has changed our world, demanding multi-faceted solutions to our communication needs. In my efforts to address your communication needs, I focus on identifying your objectives, both the immediate and the inner conversation and awareness that you want to achieve with your customers or clients. Every moment counts when you are communicating with your subject audience. A split second of the user’s attention can be critical for the long term relationship. A versatile, yet focused, design will engage with your audience and begin the transition to a long term relationship.

I work in many areas of interest: art & culture, sports, fashion, civic associations & events, the hospitality industry, entertainment, education, online retail, and many others. A creative, observing mind should be able to handle design for any industry.

My name is Moshe. I have studied fine art and design in London and the United States for more than 20 years and I have been working in the graphic design field for over 15 years. I apply my expertise in the areas of graphic concept design, illustration, and photography in versatile and creative ways that allow me to work in any style that a client requests.

I collaborate closely with my clients and offer a full range of creative services, including brand

identity, interactive web design and publication design. My work strives to simplify the complex and craft compelling design solutions using social, intellectual, and emotional experiences, enhanced by the latest technology.

As a designer, I believe that the answer to a better design can be found in the identification of communication problems. I value the strength of a simplified design and when expressed via today’s technology. That combination is an important key to unlocking the potential of a business as it grows and evolves.